Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sugar Cookies [Recipe]

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  1. I got to give you credit Naomi! You know how to make something as simple as sugar cookies, look fantastic!

  2. Hey Naomi I love your blog!! I'm a huge fan! I was wondering what you used to decorate the sugar cookies. Did you use the store cookie icing or did you create your own? Is that even possible?

    1. Raquel - I made my own! You can find my recipe here:

      You can thin that icing to dip or drizzle cookies with by adding a bit of water (just a little) at a time, till it's soft and marshmallowy.

      So glad you love my blog! Makes it all worth it to hear comments like that. :)

  3. I have tried making Sugar Cookies so many times, and have tried multiple recipes. The dough is either to dry or go wet
    Then when I go go bake they lose shape and you have no idea what it was suppose to be. I also love to decorate. I try the many frosting recipes especially Royal Frosting. I just want to be able to make a good Sugar Cookie
    and decorate correctly. Do you have any great suggestions????
    Loved your Easter Cookies. So cute!!!

    1. Hey Judy!

      I think this recipe is pretty consistent, and chilling the dough in the fridge always helps make it stiffer to work with.

      My advice if your dough is too soft - Add a little flour, and then freeze the cookies before you bake them. This will stiffen the dough, prevent spreading, and then baking them frozen will help the cookies to retain their shape.

      If the dough is too stiff when you make it, add a little milk to soften it. If it's just stiff when it's cold, however, remember that the dough is often quite hard when it comes out of the fridge, but that is not too stiff - just try kneading it to warm it up a little so that it rolls out more smoothly.

      I hope this helps! You can check out this easy Royal Icing recipe if you want to make some for decorating:

      All the best to you!


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