Friday, October 19, 2012

FREE Giveaway - Cupcake Apron

Whoops - NaomiCakes has moved! You can view this post and more by visiting my new site at - Thanks for visiting!


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  1. just found your blog today! because i LOVE truffles- REAL truffles, like the ones you show. THANKS!!
    i repinned you on my pinterest and pass you on to all my buds.
    ah sadly, i am not on fb anymore, so i cannot enter your contest. (alas- i need an apron but was thinking i may just make myself one - at some point!!)
    niCe blog and i love your silverspoon!! and your 5th oldest child description and profile comments made me smile and check out your little (or is it big?) bakery online. way2go!
    bake on!


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